VR eCommerce… thinking about what could be…

“woman using black VR headset beside computer” by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

The effects of consumer information overload.

The benefits of brick-and-mortar stores

  • few product varieties — makes it simple to purchase
  • help to find products or “things” — through staff help and expertise consumers can receive help to find the best solution
  • finding things that solve other problems — even if they weren’t originally looking or new they had that problem
  • the product is immediately with you after purchase allowing you to use it right away
  • Not sure how to use a product, ask for a virtual demonstration.
  • Want to see what the clothing looks like on you, simply put it on digitally with a snap of your finger.
  • Like a product but want something customized, it’s easy to see how it would look digitally.
  • Not a fan of the music playing in store — change it to fit you
  • Not a fan of the brand's selection — change it to fit you
  • Want the store to be decorated with Christmas decorations at all times — make it so

A truly personalized shopping experience

Vote with your dollars

The big get bigger but so do the challenges…

  • maintaining ethical advertising practices
  • maintaining brand & identity values and differentiation value propositions
  • direct competition from other B2B companies

Will we?




Product Designer @ Meta

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Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson

Product Designer @ Meta

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