Hello — I’m a student and don’t know anything. Can you help me learn?

Student Superpower + Luck = Success.

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

“Hello, I’m a student and am trying to learn more about what you do…”

“Hello, I know nothing and am looking for help, you look like someone who has made it, can you share with me your wisdom so I can become you?”

Are you asking for help?

You make your own luck.

Student Superpower + Luck = Success.

  1. Your Student Superpower = you know nothing — but want to learn.
  2. You make your own luck.

My Story: how I went from… old me… to new me.

  • “What did I learn that I can bring into my next conversation?”
  • “What can I ask the next time to help get a better answer?”
  • “How can I apply this to what I’m doing today to help me get to where they are?”

Networking is how students make luck.



Staff Product Designer @ Audioeye [EX-Meta]

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